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Our goal is to help bridge the gap between businesses and modern advertising. Our entire team is passionate about business, marketing and technology. We pride ourselves on being the leading edge in our communities for these sectors. Traditions change so why hasn’t your advertising style?


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We Believe in our People

Meet our team members who are driven every day to provide digital signage our customers can be excited about.

Aaron Farrell Co-owner

It’s all about the people, it’s all about the relationships! Connect a need with an answer. - Aaron Farrell

Aaron's eye for opportunity and passion for business showed him the path to starting Protek Media. His background in sales and management has given him the tools to break into new markets and establish key relationships. His natural ability to connect with people makes him someone people love to work with.

Sam MacIsaac Co-owner

Empower the people around you! If they grow, you grow. - Sam MacIsaac

Sam's passion to help businesses and people grow has helped lead him to the birth of Protek Media. His growing experiences in business management has given him the ability to make businesses operate better.

Ryan MacIsaac

Ryan has connected with people at every level of business. He has performed hands-on sales and managed national accounts. He quickly shows his diverse abilities when given a challenging task! Those abilities are what propels him to the top of corporate ladders.

Kevin Tung

Keven is a leader in the sales industry; with over 12 years’ experience being at the top. He is determined to prove his excellence. Let Kevin show you the tools that will push your sales team to the top. Need higher volume? Kevin will help you get there.

Alex MacIsaac

Alex's experience as a construction owner in the Edmonton market has gained him a wealth of knowledge and invaluable relationships. Commercial or residential he has had his hand in it. You’ll rest assured knowing he will be there leading the way through your exciting new investment.

Ben MacIsaac

Ben's 10+ years in the construction industry has taught him how to think outside the box to solve field issues while keeping customers calm. If you have a vision Ben’s creative mind will help you see it through. His genuine connection to people drives him to excel; your goal is his goal.