About Our Digital Signage Team

LED and projection technology is becoming increasingly popular in the advertising industry, and ProTek Media is at the forefront of this trend.

As a leading technology and digital experience company, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions that deliver results.

Our LED and projection solutions are backed by years of research and development, and we are constantly evolving our offerings to stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, our team of experts is passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses. We take a consultative approach to each project, ensuring that we understand the client's needs and objectives before proposing a solution.

This commitment to excellence has helped us build trusting relationships with our clients and fueled our company's growth. As we continue to push boundaries and innovate, we are confident that we will maintain our position as a leader in the LED and projection industry.

digital advertising and signage team

Meet the Team

Steve Whittington


With over 25 years of executive experience, and extensive board work across retail, manufacturing, startups, and agriculture sectors, Steve brings a broad base of business experience to the full revenue operations cycle. He has also led the implementation of tech stacks and CRMs over the past decade with teams as small as one to over 100 salespeople, which are critical for creating alignment and traction with metrics that matter for GTMs’.

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Aaron Farrell

Visual Technology Consultant

Over the past 15 years Aaron has progressed through the roles of sales management to branch management. Aarons forward thinking paired with his drive to qualify his thoughts gives him an outstanding ability to see uncaptured markets and sectors. Aaron prides himself on being at the leading edge of his industries. Aaron achieves this goal by consistent effort in product research, testing and qualifying the concepts within his vast network of business professionals he has aligned himself with over the past 15 years.

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Sam MacIsaac

Visual Technology Consultant

With over 10 years of executive experience within the oil and gas, commercial and residential sectors Sam has developed a strong accountability skill set to ensure project timelines and budgets stay on track. Sam has played key roles in the development of budgets, execution strategies, implementation and overseeing of many construction projects involving hundreds of positions and seven figure budgets. A key takeaway from the projects Sam has been involved with has been the overall importance of each step along a project's lifespan. Vision, Planning, Execution, Evaluation.

Ben MacIsaac

Visual Technology Consultant

Over the past decade within a management role Ben has successfully brought many projects from vision to completion. Ben’s knowledge and experience in the industry has equipped him with the ability to foresee obstacles others may not. His perceptive communication has proven to be a vital asset when bringing those obstacles to clients and subcontractors. Ben’s ability to efficiently unite or pivot everyone within his team to a common goal is one of his greatest strengths.