Protek Media is your digital signage solution!

We provide digital signage screens for businesses that want low cost and effective digital advertising. We offer digital menu boards, interactive touch screen kiosks, digital signage for restaurants, hospitality, financial institutions, convention centers, retail, digital signage for marketing and advertising.

Our team will help you plan and execute the perfect digital signage platform that targets your market and works within your budget. We also offer maintenance and support services.

Why Digital Signage

Typically, digital signs are used in lobbies, waiting rooms, and other public spaces to share general information. The ideal location for a digital sign, used for advertising, is a place where there is both heavy foot traffic and a reason to reach an audience. Does that sound like your storefront?

ProTek Media Digital Signage Interactive Kiosks Projection Screen

Customer Experience

The advantages of digital signage displays go well beyond allowing movement and brighter colour. Social media has proven the need for perpetual touches on branding and products. Why should storefronts be any different? Introduce a touchscreen, wireless connectivity, or other technologies that enable interaction and suddenly your screen becomes something more.

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ProTek Media Digital Signage Interactive Kiosks Projection Screen


We give businesses the opportunity to promote more products at a fraction of the price. Overstocked? Post it! New product? Post it! If it's worth putting on social media, it's worth putting on your windows!

Target multiple demographics at the click of a button!

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ProTek Media Digital Signage Interactive Kiosks Projection Screen

So Many Options

Front projection, rear projection, mirror vision, switchable glass or interactive kiosk.There are so many ways for you to increase your brand awareness and engage your customers.

Custom media can also be designed and created to fit the retrofitted aspect ratio to deliver the best imagery or video experience.

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At Protek Media we build our business around relationships not sales. We want to work with you to improve your business, your traffic. If we don’t think we can solve your problem we will help you find the answer somewhere else. Everyone has value, we will see yours, we hope you will see ours. Call now and see the ProTek Media service team at it’s best.

When considering a service company;

  • Choose a team that will be with you from start to finish
  • Choose a team that offers ongoing service
  • Choose a team that sees the value in your business
  • We are happy to provide free quotes!

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Projection Screens

Are you thinking of digital signage but your space can not support the weight of a digital screen?

Do you have some weird angles on contending with?

Maybe you have an odd surface to work with?

Projection screens might be the right solution for you.

  • Select the right screen for the job and for the application;
  • Make sure that the projectors are set correctly for space they are projecting onto;
  • Leverage the right type of projector for the application

We would be happy to discuss, give us a call at (778)716-7003 or click here to see all our Projection Screen options.

ProTek Media Digital Signage Front Projection Screen

Switchable Film

Switchable film offers a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy film making it the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations. The self-adhesive layer makes installation to exsisting glass possible.

Multiple pieces can be joined to create video projection walls allowing you to display corporate presentations, TV images and videos.

Switchable film facts:

  • Instant privacy at the flick of a switch
  • Installation is retrofitted onto your existing glass
  • Blocks 99.8% of damaging UV rays
  • Saves on heating/ cooling costs
  • It is Eco friendly and low energy use for operateration
  • Can be dimmable or automated
  • Adds a cool factor to any space
  • Works as a projection screen
  • Switchable film is affordable

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ProTek Media Digital Signage Switchable Film Screen